Most of my 45 years I have spent in the mountainous area of Switzerland, where I have studied and worked in the scientific sector. While I dearly love mountains, I felt they constrained my global viewpoint. Following my desire to live abroad, the first stop for almost 7 years was Los Angeles. Under the Californian sun my outlook  became more sunny and positive, fully absorbing the more laid back culture. Still I was craving for more: I wanted to live in Asia. In my eyes Japan had the image of a high tech country with deep respect for tradition, a society with complex rules for everyday life, while all the goods seemed so practical and simple. For sure the place I wanted to be!

After having lived for more than 11 years in Tokyo and Yokohama, I can truly say I feel at home. Of course over time my impression of Japan and its strength and weakness has changed. Much more is known nowadays about Japan and its unique culture, but still cultural gaps cause misunderstandings and challenges in the business world.

Having lived in Europe, US and Japan, speaking several languages, I am lucky to have multilayered insights that I would like to share with you in this blog. Enjoy and keep me posted about your thoughts.

Yours sincerely,

Sibylle Ito

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living in Japan